Military Path to Financial Freedom - B.J. | MHFI 217

May 28, 2024 01:33:27
Military Path to Financial Freedom - B.J. | MHFI 217
Mile High FI Podcast
Military Path to Financial Freedom - B.J. | MHFI 217

May 28 2024 | 01:33:27


Show Notes

Doug and Carl chat with Air Force veteran & physician B.J., who shares his journey toward Financial Independence and life beyond material success.  B.J. discusses how military benefits like pensions & healthcare can pave the way to financial success, the personal growth he experienced after achieving FI, and the pursuit of deeper happiness beyond owning dream items such as a Lamborghini.  Post-military retirement, B.J. emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community and explores his decision to continue working, motivated by a desire to serve others.

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*Some affiliate links so we might earn a commission if you buy something.


(*Some affiliate links so we might earn a commission if you buy something)

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0:00 Introduction

5:18 Overcoming sunk cost fallacy

13:01 Military benefits

22:21 Living life & financial reflections

28:41 Community, connection, & finding fulfillment

32:41 The dream purchase

42:46 Reflecting on achievements & what truly matters

53:34 Additional military benefits

58:58 Financial literacy & education

1:04:55 Creating a life you want to live

1:14:39 Working on self, making a difference & squishy stuff

1:21:38 The perfect day

1:30:02 Soundcheck – Workouts

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