Millionaires Think They're Middle Class?? - Amberly Grant | MHFI 216

May 21, 2024 01:19:37
Millionaires Think They're Middle Class?? - Amberly Grant | MHFI 216
Mile High FI Podcast
Millionaires Think They're Middle Class?? - Amberly Grant | MHFI 216

May 21 2024 | 01:19:37


Show Notes

Doug and Amberly explore the intriguing reasons why many millionaires consider themselves middle class.  They discuss the technical definitions of financial classes vs. the challenging societal definitions of these same classes, how both of these relate to their own views, and the psychology of wealth & self-perception among financially successful individuals.

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0:00 Introduction

3:26 Millionaire net worth profiles

7:54 Interpreting survey results

13:41 Defining classes by income

24:07 Defining classes by net worth

30:27 The shrinking middle class

37:40 Why millionaires feel middle class

46:50 Millionaires’ mindset & class identity

55:53 Comparison is the thief of joy

1:01:22 Rich or wealthy

1:07:45 Amberly’s podcast, “Jump In Feet First”

1:16:06 Soundcheck – Catching up

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