Lazy Book Update & Google is Bad Now | MHFI 218

June 04, 2024 00:32:28
Lazy Book Update & Google is Bad Now | MHFI 218
Mile High FI Podcast
Lazy Book Update & Google is Bad Now | MHFI 218

Jun 04 2024 | 00:32:28


Show Notes

Doug and Carl catch up briefly on a potpourri of personal topics including challenges of managing time, updates with the lazy book, fitness updates, and upcoming summer plans.  They also discuss changes in Google search, the impact of AI on search results, and the current state of SEO.

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0:00 Introduction

1:05 Not enough time

3:55 Lazy book update

6:02 Changes to Google search

14:00 Mini-fitness updates

19:27 Summer plans

27:35 Soundcheck – Never-ending projects

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