From Deep in Debt to Fit Rich Life | MHFI 204

February 27, 2024 01:14:39
From Deep in Debt to Fit Rich Life | MHFI 204
Mile High FI Podcast
From Deep in Debt to Fit Rich Life | MHFI 204

Feb 27 2024 | 01:14:39


Show Notes

Doug and Carl chat with Justin David Carl, a fitness, money, and life coach also known as Dragon.  Justin shares his journey from being heavily in debt and out of shape to becoming financially independent and physically fit.  He discusses the dramatic career changes he made, his discovery of the financial independence movement, and how coaching & accountability played a crucial role in his success.  Additionally, Justin explains his coaching philosophy, ‘Fit Rich Life’, and the importance of setting clear goals, tracking progress, and surrounding oneself with people who share similar aspirations.

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0:00 Introduction

1:49 Finding financial independence

7:51 Path to becoming a millionaire

15:13 Overcoming addiction & rebooting life

22:46 Kind of fit, kind of fat

29:46 Following a fitness program & the importance of sleep

38:16 Impact of coaching on personal growth

46:22 Advice for making major life changes

52:25 Carl’s fitness questions

57:15 Doug’s fitness questions

1:04:29 Fit Rich Life tools

1:11:06 Soundcheck – Cold plunges

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