Random Show from EconoMe 2024 | MHFI 209

April 02, 2024 00:52:06
Random Show from EconoMe 2024 | MHFI 209
Mile High FI Podcast
Random Show from EconoMe 2024 | MHFI 209

Apr 02 2024 | 00:52:06


Show Notes

Recorded in the hotel lobby from the EconoMe conference in Cincinnati, Doug and Carl catch-up on various topics including: a recap of their recent visit to the Culdesac community in Arizona, thoughts on e-bikes & electric vehicles, Doug’s battle with pink eye, updates to their fitness routines, and Carl’s unfortunate Facebook incident.  Doug also shares an exciting announcement about his wife’s upcoming retirement, providing insights into her journey from skepticism to embracing financial independence.

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0:00 Introduction

4:41 Impressions of Culdesac

10:29 Thoughts on e-bikes & robot cars

17:29 Doug’s courageous battle with pink eye

22:51 Carl’s new fitness routine

31:20 The Facebook incident

38:59 Elizabeth’s retirement: From Skepticism to FIRE

45:49 Carl’s haircut

49:41 Soundcheck – EconoMe opening party

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