Mad Fientist: Life, Money, & Pursuit Of Happiness (Mindy on Money) | MHFI 214

May 07, 2024 01:13:28
Mad Fientist: Life, Money, & Pursuit Of Happiness (Mindy on Money) | MHFI 214
Mile High FI Podcast
Mad Fientist: Life, Money, & Pursuit Of Happiness (Mindy on Money) | MHFI 214

May 07 2024 | 01:13:28


Show Notes

Mindy and Carl catch up with long-time friend Brandon, the Mad Fientist, to discuss the balance between spending, saving, and maintaining happiness.  Brandon details his journey from extreme frugality to spending experiments to purposeful spending/spending for happiness.  He also discusses the indispensable role of personal development, the importance of experiences over possessions, and the influence of parenthood and life events in reshaping priorities.

Note: This is a rebroadcast of episode 22 of the “Mindy on Money” podcast.

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0:00 Introduction

4:29 Catching up with Brandon

10:32 Lessons from Ramit & Die With Zero

17:15 Recovering from Ramit

23:01 Carl’s Tesla

30:12 Spending experiments

41:23 Navigating the emotions of FI

48:12 Reframing thoughts on “frivolous” spending

53:00 Keys to happiness

58:03 Advice for others on their FI journeys

1:06:45 Bloopers & closing thoughts

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