Evolution of FIRE and EconoMe 2024 | MHFI 211

April 16, 2024 00:50:31
Evolution of FIRE and EconoMe 2024 | MHFI 211
Mile High FI Podcast
Evolution of FIRE and EconoMe 2024 | MHFI 211

Apr 16 2024 | 00:50:31


Show Notes

Recorded in the hotel lobby on the last day of the EconoMe conference, Doug and Carl reflect on some of the presentations and conversations they had over the weekend while also providing their own insights & observations.  They discuss various topics including: the evolution of the FIRE movement from its initial focus on accumulating wealth to its current emphasis on mental health and personal development, happiness, post-FI life challenges, and strategies for dealing with anxiety and negative thoughts.

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0:00 Introduction

1:52 Stress & anxiety

8:53 Removing the mask in retirement

12:11 Thoughts on post-retirement life

17:41 One-more-year syndrome

25:27 Happiness & confronting personal issues

29:09 Evolution of FI

34:47 Carl’s 3 tips (plus a bonus)

39:46 Podcast projects beyond MHFI

47:11 Soundcheck – Feeling tired

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